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WorkCompWire Leaders Speak: Navigating Our AI Future in Workers’ Compensation (Part Two)

While there is every reason to believe the AI future can be bright, it doesn’t mean it will be implemented smoothly and perfectly. While optimists focus on the potential upsides of AI that we discussed previously, pessimists tend to focus on the risks and dangers. In this second part of Navigating our AI Future in Workers’ Compensation, my colleague Phil Walls is joining me to help untangle five most common objections and misconceptions about AI, along with solutions to proactively address them.
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Cliff Belliveau is the Vice President of Business Intelligence (BI) for myMatrixx

WorkCompWire Leaders Speak: Navigating Our AI Future in Workers’ Compensation (Part One)

Amid industry concerns such as an aging workforce and labor shortage, AI brings unique opportunities for improving efficiency and quality of care for workers’ compensation organizations that can embrace innovation. In the first part of a two-part look at AI in workers’ compensation, we will examine some of the most exciting ways these advancements can shape the future of workers’ compensation.
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Chris Peavler

Five Ways myMatrixx Delivers Exceptional Customer Service

myMatrixx has been ranked number one in customer service and customer satisfaction for multiple years in a row according to the annual CompPharma Workers’ Compensation Survey Report. Learn how we achieved these superior results consistently through the following set of human-focused principles which is vital to for positive outcomes in workers' comp pharmacy.
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